What’s My Line? Upcoming Event at Janus Resources!

What’s My Line?

Are you new to the coaching and education arenas? Struggling with developing your content? Don’t know what kind of processes to use? Methods? What’s My Line is the product for you. This course is designed for those who are new to the education industry – coaching, mentoring, teaching, training, or those who want to hone their skills and expand their repertoire of services.

Whether you already know what you know and are struggling with how to develop your content, describe your services and price them OR you want to broaden the services you offer, there is a lot to learn here to help you with content development, process selection and marketing.  This overview will help you determine if you need to go into more detail to better enhance your on-line course.

Looking forward to meeting all of you – from a veteran in the education arena – a coach, mentor, teacher, trainer, and consultant!

When?   Tuesday October 17 from 5:00-6:30 PM CT

Where?  318 West Convent   Lafayette, LA 70501

Cost? Early Bird $77 (cash or check) or $80.08 (card)

Full registration is $97 (cash or check) or $100.88 (card)

Deadline for Early Bird Registration? Tuesday October 3, 2023

Deadline for Regular Registration? Tuesday October 10, 2023

How? Use the Link Below to Register and pay by card:


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