"With joy and wonder for learning, anything you desire in life can be yours! Recapture the enthusiasm and curiosity you had as a child."
- Diane Fontenot

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Is Your Student Struggling in School?

  • Inconsistency between your student’s ability and classroom performance?
  • Homework hassles?
  • Poor test scores?
  • Inattentiveness in the classroom?
  • Lack of responsibility for his/her grades?
  • No one to help your student when he/she falls behind?

Are You a College Student Struggling...

  • To balance school life and a social life?
  • To get the grades you need?
  • To schedule the time you need to study and get the grades you want?

Are You Tired Of...

  • Going through the same ole thing year after year?
  • Struggling to get your student to the point of understanding why their education matters?
  • Your student not doing what needs to be done?
  • No knowing where to turn or what to do next?
  • All the same ole excuses?

Featured Learning Paths

For students

For Students

6 Week Program

For parents (1)

For Parents

2 Week Program

For educators

For Educators

One or Multiple Sessions


Student Success Habits

Student Success Habits promotes educational excellence.
It supports students, parents and educators in achieving student academic success.
The focus is student accountability and parental involvement.

Three Major Premises


Learning HOW TO LEARN is fundamental to student academic performance.


Learning HOW TO LEARN is a complete skill set that can be learned independently from subject matter and content.


Student learning is best fostered by a strong
student - parent - educator partnership.

Success Stories

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For Parents

PARENTS will learn how to:

  • Create an effective home environment to support student learning
  • Help students learn how to learn
  • Form strong student-parent-educator partnerships

“Re-instill the joy and wonder of learning!”

Whether in middle school, high school, or college, if your students under perform in the classroom, it limits their ability to get what they want in life. Learn how you can help!

For Parents

2 Week Program

Reviews from Educators

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Student Success Habits includes programs for students, parents, teachers, counselors program coordinators, and principals in a variety of formats such as After-School Programs, Educational Leadership Retreats, Teacher In-Service Programs, and Parental-Involvement Programs.

Educational Leaders are able to implement one or all components to build a strong academic support system for both students and parents.

  • Student Success Habits allows students to master the fundamentals of learning. They become more successful in their educational pursuits, both formal and informal.
  • Student Success Habits for Parents helps them build a Parent Tool Box. It shows parents how to best support their student’s educational pursuits. Parents learn how to build sound support and encouragement, plus the basics of effective student-parent-educator partnerships.
  • Student Success Habits for Educators helps them build a School Culture for Academic Excellence. It provides resources for central office personnel, administrators, classroom teachers, and other community leaders interested in making a significant impact on academic performance at the most fundamental level – individual students in the classroom.

Educators Session

One or more sessions:
- Support students in learning how to learn
- Identify and support students who would normally fall through the cracks
- Gain strategies and ideas for improving your school and classroom environment
- Become a better role model
- Provide a more relaxed learning atmosphere
- Learn to move from theory to practice - Benefit from the important role of emotions to education
- Focus on a positive learning experience
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