New Beginnings

Inaugural Blog!

What an exciting time at JANUS Resources!   We’ve launched our new website and now, our inaugural blog.

In keeping with my vision and mission to serve executives, business owners and independent professionals, my blog is dedicated to you.

I will focus mainly on issues related to the way I serve my clients: how to get the results you want and have a fulfilling personal life too!  We focus on an integrated program including knowledge, skills and strategies I call Optimum Performance and Strategic Habits of Business Success.    

You’ll also see a little news, a few bits about daily life and a few quality-of-life posts.  You’ll also see what is going on in the worlds of business, leadership, and performance.  And you’ll see offers from me for events that will serve you: your own performance, results and ability to have a satisfying career as well as live a balanced and fulfilling life away from the office.

So let’s get started.

These are three issues facing many of us now:

  1. People returning to work in the office
  2. Managing the number and lengths of meetings
  3. Creating balance in our busy worlds of business and personal life

Returning to Work in the Office

There is no right or wrong way to do it.  But it is a matter of who is a good fit for work at home and who  is not.  And it’s not just the employer who has issues here.

Let’s face it, only self-starters and disciplined employees are good for work at home. 

We already know that some people waste about 25% of their office hours on internet, talking on the telephone, and hanging around the water cooler.  What do you think they do at home?  It’s also true that some types of work are more conducive to working at home, jobs that you can easily document how much work gets done.

When it comes to undisciplined employees, here are a couple of my unfortunate experiences.

  1.  On one occasion it was very clear that I woke someone up from a nap.   He was groggy, unfocused and very unprofessional about it. 
  2. On another occasion it was a mom with fussy kids in the background.  She paid more attention to them than to her business call with me.  No work was done on that call.

And on the employees’ end, having a home office is not that much fun unless you can really separate your home and office space and keep office hours.  Bosses can really overload you with work if you don’t keep regular office hours.  The world of work is much better for me when I am at my office.  If you love your work and like to get things done, you’ll work much longer than your regular office hours and the quality of your personal life will suffer. 

The point is, when it’s a good fit it works for everyone: employer, employee and client/customer.  It’s not a good fit when it doesn’t work for all three: employer, employee and client/customer.

Meeting Effectiveness: managing the number, length and results of meetings

One of the biggest complaints I am hearing from clients right now is how much of their day is spent in meetings with everyone at different locations.  This is true both for clients with locations in different cities as well as clients who have people working from home.    Companies really need to establish clear guidelines for meetings for them to be effective and for them not to steal unnecessary hours away from people actually getting work done instead of just talking about work.

Creating balance in our busy worlds of business and personal life

Quality of life always revolves around living your best life.  And that’s always about balance.  Research bears out over and over again that work and relationships are paramount to people living a happy life.  When we get those right, we better manage most other things, and they fall into place.

There are keys to getting this right.

 And that is what has sparked my first offering in my blog:   The Power of NO-ing!    

Here are the details:

Is this course for you? Let’s see…

Are you exhausted?

Tired and worn out?

Have so many things on your plate there’s no way you’ll get to them all?

What about this? Do you find that …

You work so much that you have no time for yourself?

You do so much for others that you have no time for yourself?

The Power of NO-ing!

If you answered yes to these questions, the Power of NO-ing is for you!

When? Tuesday, May 9th from 4:00 – 5:30 PM ET

Where? Zoom Cost? $37

Deadline to register? Noon, Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Price after Noon, May 2 goes up to $47

How? Contact Diane at 337.258.7700 or

Pay by cash, check or CC using PayPal

Now for the Stuff of Life

Spring is in the air! 

And then there is my motto: Live, love laugh and … enjoy goof food!  So get out there and enjoy the beautiful, vibrant, energizing new season and have some fun!

Around the world!

In searching for good news in the world, I remembered it is festival season.  Festivals are a wonderful way to mingle with others in your community and contribute to the nonprofits that sponsor them and the groups they serve.   When you travel to other places to celebrate their festivals, it’s good for them too!  You not only share the wealth; you’ll find that it’s rejuvenating for you.  That always stirs up new ideas and creativity.  Imagine going home rejuvenated, inspired and creative!

Festivals are a way of life in Louisiana.  Festival Internationale de Louisiane is April 26-30, 2023.  Come join us!  It celebrates Francophone countries.  We have music and entertainment from around the world: African countries, Canada, Belgium, France, Mali, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Haiti, New Brunswick, Gambia, Ghana, and bands from around the United States including, of course, Louisiana! 

Check it out!   ( )   And . . .

. . .  the following week-end enjoy the Jazz Fest in New Orleans.  I’m just sayin’!

Have a great work week,

a lovely evening with family and friends,

and immerse yourself in your life this weekend!


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