New Beginnings Volume 5 of 2023

Three of Many Key Elements of Effective Leadership


Curiosity is such a powerful tool for creativity and innovation. And curiosity is the forerunner of good questions. Einstein said, paraphrasing here, that if he had only one hour to solve a problem, he’d spend 55 minutes formulating the questions he needed answers to and 5 minutes solving the problem. He went on to say, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” In fact, Einstein made many comments about curiosity and questioning. When one of the most brilliant persons ever on the planet tells us over and over again that one of his most important secrets to success is his ability to live with questions and that knowing the proper questions is more than half of the answer, we might want to pay attention. When we find ourselves wanting to solve an ongoing problem or wanting to be more creative and innovative, we must start with questions! We all know that person who is so quick to come up with an answer that we haven’t even had time to think about the question. People with that level of certainty, an unwillingness to explore or consider options, operate in a very narrow mindset. Our very freedom and autonomy often lie in the number of choices we have. Fewer options are at the heart of stress.


Proactivity is the ability to consider opportunities, challenges, and obstacles before they even occur and prepare for them. Proactivity is one of the marks of a person who has a higher level of competence in a field. When you can’t see a problem before it is staring you in the face, you probably live in a world filled with emergencies. We don’t want to take this to the extreme of living in the future, but addressing contingencies that are likely to happen keeps us in a state of preparedness that helps us avoid or recover quickly for mishaps and catastrophes. And looking ahead for opportunities and challenges often puts us at the leading edge of innovation.


Networking is a great place to get information that allows you to be more curious and more proactive. If you are sitting around in your office glued to a screen or bored senseless, get up, get out! Talk to your employees at all levels, go to networking events and talk to other members. Talk to your colleagues, others in your industry. Talk to people outside of your industry. You may find solutions to problems and ideas for creativity by exploring other fields. When you are a leader in an organization it is such an opportunity to get an overhead view of all that is going on around you. The bigger the circle or sphere of networks, the higher your bird’s eye view. Great for seeing the big picture and how all the pieces fit together. Anyone ever hear of circularity?

The Stuff of Life

In this round of The Stuff of Life I want to give a big shout out to everyone who is outside working in this extreme heat. Farmers! Builders! Roofers! Labors! Gardeners! Landscapers! Oh, my gosh, those who have to go into attics to repair AC’s! Police Officers! Firemen and women! I know this is a short list. And I want all of you and everyone I left out to know how much I appreciate your courage and commitment to serving your community and your clients. Thank you!

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