New Beginnings Volume 3 of 2023

Personal Mastery

The art of being Personally Successful

We all want to be confident; competence comes first. Being personally effective, mastering your own ability to accomplish your goals, is a basic component of being happy, successful and rising to whatever heights you set for yourself in your personal and professional life. I call this Personal Mastery. It is the first step in preparing yourself for the life of your dreams! Education is a key ingredient for attaining Personal Mastery. Once you can lead yourself to victory, it is much easier to manage others and your resources, and it is critical in becoming an effective leader – at home, at work and in your community. If you are not already there, start your journey to Personal Mastery now!

Managing Resources

The world needs Exceptional Managers, managers who can align people and resources to reach goals set by themselves or the leaders in their organization. Effectiveness and efficiency is definitely in the purview of managers. It’s important to remember that people are you most valuable asset; so managing the talent in your workplace is a huge part of your responsibilities as a manager. Your people are the ones who will help align other resources so that everyone and everything acts in tandem to achieve success.

Managers are often promoted into their management position because they are so good at the technical aspects of their jobs. Ask any manager, though, and they will tell you that the skills to succeed at the technical aspects of their job is absolutely not the same skill set needed to manage departments.

Unfortunately, not all companies realize this. So managers often receive no professional development to help them succeed in their new role as manager. Those that do often don’t receive adequate professional development. Because management positions are major steps toward raises and promotions, it is very important for managers to succeed. It is in every managers best interest to get the professional development they need to succeed so they become Exceptional Managers.

Leading the Way

And now you are a leader! You’ve developed Personal Mastery. It made you so valuable in your company that you were promoted to manager. You became such an Exceptional Manager that you have now been promoted to a leader in your organization. Being an Extraordinary Leader is the only kind to be; one who can bring your organization to world class status.

Once again, your career path depends on your ability to rise to increasingly higher levels of knowledge, skills and expertise. That’s the major reason life-long learning is a key factor in life-long success. Warren Buffet knew what he was talking about when he said the most important investment you can make is in yourself. Every big project or promotion your receive is an opportunity to develop more and more knowledge, skills and expertise in getting the job done.

It’s a fact that as you take on bigger and bigger roles in leadership that the nuances of working with people and resources become more critical. You are now the decision maker, you create the vision, allocate resources and build connections with people and resources. It’s a big ball of wax. Professional development is most important now. Your promotion was your ticket into the game. Executive level leadership development is essential to winning the game – becoming an Extraordinary Leader. It’s your path to world class leadership.

One more little caveat – Personal Mastery, Management, Leadership – these are three critical skill sets if you ever plan to own your own business and become an entrepreneur.

The Stuff of Life

This is such a great time of year! The ability to get outside, enjoy the outdoors, golf, the beach, volleyball, baseball. It’s a great time of year for me. I exercise more, enjoy lighter meals, take little road trips. What makes summer special for you?

Mother’s Day was just great! Wanna know what it’s like in Louisiana? Your sons plan a party with another family who are good friends and you have a seafood boil: crab and shrimp! And then they wait on you hand and foot. Finally, they clean up afterwards! I love Louisiana…and my boys!

What’s Up Now?

The Power of No-ing was a great success!

Now we are on to the Magic of YES!

Details coming soon.

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