New Beginnings Volume 10 July 2024

For Executives, High-Level Managers, Independent Professionals, and Aspiring Leaders:

“Elevate your leadership and personal performance skills with insights designed for your professional growth.”

Key words in Industry: Effectiveness, Productivity, Efficiency

When these three factors are maximized, companies are usually quite lean and profitable.  Most companies are aware of using these three keys to get the best out of equipment, facilities and processes.  The real competitive advantage comes from maximizing the effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of the team, their people – their most valuable asset.  Team members work in tandem, aligned with business goals. 

Providing leadership, management and professional development not only increases performance and results at team member’s current level of employment, it also helps them to transfer more quickly and more effectively into new positions as they are promoted.

Contact Diane for a complimentary session. There is no cost to you and you are not obligated in any way.  It’s a great way for you to assess the kind of professional development to provide your team.  It also gives you a sense of how well we will work together, to determine if we are a good fit.

For Those Who Bring in Trainers/Coaches/Facilitators to Enhance Team and Organizational Performance:

“Boost your team’s performance and results with expert-led training and facilitation solutions.”

If you are the team member, whether and executive, manager or sales team, you best serve yourself when receive executive quality professional development.  It ensures that you are in a position to perform and communicate at levels that make you a standout for raises and promotions.   It’s a win for you, even when you decide to provide these programs for yourself at your own expense.

For Independent Professionals

Independent Professionals basically pay for their own professional development.  The advantages of working with someone who offers executive level training is that you learn sooner, more easily and with few hassles and less cost.  It keeps you from having to pick vendors by trial and error.  It saves you the cost of having to research all the information/knowledge/skills on your own.  It prevents the mistakes on the path of trial and error.  Aligning with a proven, foundational, comprehensive program saves you time, money and hassle!

The Stuff of Life

Okay, it’s summer.  It’s hot.  There’s nothing we can do about the heat but find ways to get our work done and play in it.  Not a problem.  We are resourceful.

But here’s the stuff of life I want to talk about.  All this ugly way of handling conflict – open, raw, never-ending conflict.  You know, we have always had differences.  They just haven’t been so polarizing before, not because they were insignificant, but because we handled them differently.

I think there are several reasons that we didn’t get so polarized in the past.  First, I remember the social rule for public engagement: don’t talk about sex, religion or politics.   Maybe we need to bring that one back.

Next, we didn’t need everyone to think and act like us to enjoy their company.  I’m not a spring chicken by any stretch of the imagination.  And I remember having activities with all sorts of people, from every walk of life, every ilk, every color and every persuasion…and our gatherings were peaceful.

And we didn’t like all this fussing and fighting, we didn’t participate, we just walked away. Let’s bring that back too.

I’m not being Ms. Pollyanna about all this.  The world was never idyllic or  perfect.  It was, though, much more peaceful than it is today.   It’s not conflict that is the problem…the minute we put two people in a room there is going to be conflict.  Heck, I can’t even agree with myself sometimes – two options pulling my strings and keeping me in turmoil.    It’s not the conflict; it’s the way we handle it.  If we are resourceful enough to get through the hot days of summer, let’s be resourceful in the way we handle conflict.

Maybe now is a good time to bring back some of these old practices, and more!  Maybe we can start by turning off our televisions. Stop watching all the disrespect, lack of civility, cussing, violence, destruction.

I long for days that are more peaceful, hopeful, forward thinking, and solution driven.  It can start with each of us facing conflict unwilling to be part of the problem; instead, committed to being part of the solution.


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