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Maximize the Performance of Your Most Valuable Assets...
You and Your Team!

My Vision

My vision is a workplace where team members contribute in a powerful, meaningful way to their company’s success while also enjoying challenging work, fulfilling their own career and professional aspirations.

My Mission

I have chosen to use my expertise to provide timely, meaningful, professional level educational resources to business owners, executives and community leaders; providing necessary support that allows them to create profitable, sustainable organizations with satisfied employees and loyal clients.

Why Should You Work With JANUS Resources?

Diane is an experienced, masterful coach.  She comes from a scientific background with a degree in microbiology and chemistry.   Having also earned a master’s degree in education she fully understands the fundamentals of both teaching and learning.  Her work maximizes performance and results from both her role as an educator and her client’s perspective as student.  She completed over ten nationally recognized coaching programs, many of them internationally renowned.  She has also completed over 40 classes presented by nationally recognized companies that focus on business and organizational development. Her key assessment materials are reliable, valid assessments.

Diane is a trained examiner for a Baldridge Quality Award program and has served three years as an examiner and team leader to evaluate applications for state-level awards programs, doing site visits and working with nationally known organizations that applied.

Diane has developed programs throughout her career.  Her focus is on topics related to human success factors: people skills that address individual, team and organizational performance.   Over the years, Diane has been able to refine and integrate her vast knowledge into a complete program – Strategic Habits for Business Success.  Her goal is to support her clients in reaching Optimum Performance, the term she uses to refer to people and companies operating in tandem with sustainable levels of effective performance and results

Two Performance Levels

Are you the leader of a company? An organization? A department?

Would you like to...
Maximize the talents of your team?
Have your team operate at Optimum Performance?
Sustain high levels of performance?

The solution...
Develop Six Strategic Habits for Business Success.
When you do you will...
Maximize the individual talents of your team members.
Build a strong organization.
Implement solutions and systems that work.

Individual Level

At the individual level, there are
Three Strategic Habits for Business Success.
You’ll increase your teams’ effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency as you develop and apply:

1. Fundamental Components to Generate Personal Mastery
2. Critical Factors to Build and Sustain Effective Management
3. Essential Elements for Distinguished Leadership

Organizational Level

At the organizational level, there are
Three Strategic Habits for Business Success as well.
Utilizing them to improve organizational performance, you'll develop and apply:

1. Basic Ingredients to Build High-Performance Teams
2. Powerful Levers to Influence Organizational Outcomes
3. Indispensable Categories of Sound Business Practices

Our History of Success

Through utilizing Diane’s programs, because companies have experienced improved performance and culture, they have reached their goal for sustainable profits and growth.

So will you!

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The starting point for a new culture

More than just courses and reports



Frequently Asked Questions

It is a method of learning about the fundamentals of being both personally effective as well as being effective in specific work-related areas such as team building, creating an organization with a high performing culture, and implementing processes needed for long term success and growth.  These are often the factors that not only can save an organization but build it into a world-class organization.

Learning can take place in a variety of formats: teaching, training, mentoring, coaching, consulting.  Executives and their teams can work 1:1 or in group settings.

When working with clients 1:1 we use a combination of assessment, education and coaching.

With assessments you identify your skill level in a particular area such as communication, team building, management, leadership and organizational culture.

Education involves teaching the basic concepts and nuances of topics such as those listed above.

Coaching is very specific and personal.  You focus on learning specifically the skills that you want to learn and that will enhance your effectiveness as well as identifying and overcoming the obstacles that hinder your reaching your goals.

Coaching is the fastest, most effective, and most transformative method of learning.

After your complementary strategy session, you determine the area you’d like to focus your attention.  You select the program that fits your budget and schedule. Then we get started.   I require my clients to start with a minimum level of sessions.   None of this is magic.  It’s education.  At the entry level my shortest program is three months; the longest, twelve months.  All learning involves implementation and practice.  I work with my clients to help them succeed.  As a client your responsibility is to honor your commitment and investment in yourself;  follow the program and complete assessments, assignments, processes and keep appointments. 

When I work with groups, teams or companies, we do assessments, education and coaching as well in group settings, live or on Zoom.  We also do workshops, presentations and process facilitation.   We start with you and your team providing me with the information I need to understand your goals, opportunities and obstacles.  Much of this is revealed in your complementary strategy session.

There are many variables that factor into pricing: the program level selected, number of participants, and materials, for example.  I work with you and your budget to get you started.  When clients understand that Optimum Performance and Strategic Habits for Business Success have a positive impact on revenue and profits (or income if you are an independent professional), they understand that it is a valuable investment.

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